Upgrade to Windows 10

Will you upgrade to Windows 10? Many are wanting to quickly upgrade to windows 10 and with good reason. The reviews are in and it seems Microsoft has gotten it right this time. Microsoft has followed it’s style of producing a good operating system that is innovative and functional every other iteration. Why are so many pining to upgrade… Read More »

Computer Repair Shop Without the Hassle!

Are you searching for computer repair shop in Naples? There are many computer repair shops in the area that will fix your computer if you bring it to them, but have you ever asked yourself… Why should I have to go through the hassle of disconnecting, untangling, and carrying my computer to their shop? Why can’t the computer repair… Read More »

Laptop Screen Repair

Are you in need of a laptop screen repair? Have you closed the top of your laptop with an object still inside? Did you drop your laptop with the screen open? Is there a bad pixel causing you to be in need of laptop screen repair? It is hard to describe that feeling you get when you notice… Read More »