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By | June 11, 2015
wireless network setup

Is your wireless network setup correctly?

Here are the most common problems we find with wireless networks:

  1. Weak Signal Strength
  2. Slow Connection Speeds
  3. Out of Date Firmware on Wireless Router
  4. Wireless Channel Interference
  5. Poor Location for Wireless Router

If you are experiencing any of these wireless network setup problems, we can help! Here are some other symptoms that can help you identify which wirless network setup problem you are experiencing.

Weak Signal Strength

One of the most frustrating problems with a wireless network setup can be weak signal strength. Is there a room in your house that it seems you can never get a connection to the wifi? You aren’t alone. Many routers, especially those that might be a few years old have trouble reaching every room in a house. That is why it is important to find a router that is capable to reach as far as needed.

If you find your router is insufficient to cover your entire house or you would like the signal to reach even farther to your lanai or work shed there is the no need to fret. We can extend the signal to these areas with access points and wirless extenders. If this isn’t an option for you we can change the location to optimize the wirless range for any router or find a model that might do a better job.

Slow Connection Speeds

Every year new wirless tehnologies are released. As they are released you might feel pressure to buy a new router so that you can have the latest and greatest. Although there is no need for most people to buy a new router every year, if your router is more than a few years old it may be time for an upgrade. The key to limiting wireless network problems is to make sure whatever wireless router you buy will make full use of the fastest speed your computer, smartphone, tablet, and other devices can connect at. That way you will get the best experience possible from your wireless network setup.

Out of Date Firmware

Firmware is something that you might not be aware of when setting up your wireless network, but it can cause wireless network problems. Each router comes with software built in that does all the work behind the scenes. For various reasons you might need to update this software for your router to run smoothly. Usually it fixes known issues with the router or adds more features. By keeping the firmware up-to-date you insure the best possible connection speeds, signal strength, and reliability.

Wireless Channel Interference

More and more devices in our homes are using wireless technologies. Our phones can often interfere with wireless networks. If you are having wireless network setup problems, connectivity issues could be the culprit. We can help you find a frequency and wireless channel that is right for your home.

If you live in a condo or a apartment building another issue can be too many wireless networks in the area. This can cause interference with your wireless network. Don’t worry we can find a wireless network setup that will work for you. We can find a channel that is free and clear of your neighbor’s wireless networks. Why let their networks stop you from getting the most from your own?

Poor Location for Wireless Router

Location, Location, Location. It can mean everything when setting up a wireless network. If your house is long and narrow, having your router on one end of the house could impede the coverage to another. It best to find a central place for the router. If that isn’t possible, don’t fret, we can find a wireless network setup that will work for you and for your home.

Most important don’t forget to call the experts! If you need help setting up, configuring, or fixing wireless network setup problems on your wireless router, don’t hesitate to call 239-244-9760. We would be happy to schedule an appointment.